JOB TITLE:  Emergency Assistance Program Coordinator (EAP)/Volunteer Services Coordinator JOB SUMMARY:   Coordinates the EAP program and Volunteers.

MISSION:     Rooted in the Mission of Jesus, St. Gabriel Mercy Center seeks to promote and participate in establishing services aimed at enhancing human dignity for residents of Bolivar County.

The task of the EAP/Volunteer Services Coordinator is to assist those in need through grants and referrals in partnership with other agencies; to provide meaningful ways for volunteers to give back to others through volunteering; and in Gabriel Closet, provide affordable merchandize, bring in revenue, and provide a place for volunteers to give service.

Emergency Assistance Program Coordinator

  1. Schedules clients who request
  2. Meets, interviews, and assists clients, as
  3. Interviews clients and completes Intake
  4. Assists with rent, utilities, food, etc., as
  5. Follows up with clients, especially for the Plan of Action, to improve their situation, with the primary goal being
  6. Keeps the closets and Office Room clean, orderly, and welcoming for clients. Puts all food items in appropriate

Advocacy duties:

  1. Refers clients to appropriate agencies based on the client’s
  2. Writes checks to businesses/agencies in assisting
  3. Accompanies clients to agencies to get assistance, when
  4. Develops a good working relationship with agencies, which provide
  5. Maintains a current manual of agencies/services available in Bolivar
  6. Assists with writing grants to obtain funds to assist
  7. Maintains contract with collaborative agencies—CAP, Helping Hands, CAN, Mound Bayou Housing

Recordkeeping and data reports:

  1. Completes final grant evaluation reports after grant monies have been
  2. Records information by accurately inputting data in writing, and via computer
  3. Develops and uses a reporting system that allows easy access to
  4. Completes necessary monthly and six month reports, timely and
  5. Analyzes data

Job Description: Emergency Assistance Program Coordinator (EAP)/Volunteer Services Coordinator

Volunteer Services Coordinator:

  1. Recruits volunteers and oversees the application process, interview, schedule, and does follow-up, supervision, and
  2. Maintains records of hours and services
  3. Coordinates recognition and appreciation activities for
  4. Oversees Holiday Volunteer Projects, such as, Christmas Outreach, the Box Project adopting of families, the Shoe Box Project, and other projects, as need
  5. Assists with coordination and supervision of all incoming Volunteer Groups (e.g. Church Groups, Spring Break Participants), EAP volunteers, TANF, TSU/CCC student interns,

St. Gabriel Closet / Food Pantry

  1. Works in conjunction with the Thrift Store/Food Pantry coordinator to access client’s needs for clothing and food.

Performs other duties as directed by the Assistant Director/COO or the Executive Director.


Degree/experience in Client Case Management or a related field.

Three to five years experience in the field of social work or a related field. Experience with case management.

  • Computer
  • Supervisory
  • Excellent human relation/people
  • Ability to maintain
  • Valid Mississippi Driver’s

Reports to Supervisor of Programs